Temperature monitoring kiosks – kickstart business post-lockdown

body temperature camera with facial recognition, temperature machine to detect a high fever

Temperature monitoring kiosks – kickstart business post-lockdown

Our temperature monitoring kiosks can be great for reassuring customers and encouraging business post-lockdown.

Temperature testing has surged in popularity throughout the pandemic as it is a way of identifying a fever – a main symptom of COVID-19. The act of temperature testing cannot prevent exposure to the virus but what it can do is lower the risks, by spotting what the naked eye cannot.

It is only natural for customers to feel uneasy about eating out or going to get their hair cut once again etc after a long winter lockdown. By putting temperature monitoring kiosks in place, customers will feel reassured that your company are putting precautions in place for them, and this will make them feel like they are being looked out for.

Our digital temperature checkers are innovative and can also detect if an individual is wearing a mask. If need be, businesses can adapt this feature to integrate with door access. So that anyone who is not wearing a mask will be refused entry. Customers may find this reassuring also as it shows your company is taking regulations seriously and doing everything you can to enforce them.


Why is an automatic temperature scanner (temperature kiosk) better than a temperature gun?


A temperature gun requires someone to operate. When a temperature is being taken, 1 on 1 contact is inevitable. This puts both parties at risk of infecting one another. A temperature testing kiosk, however, is contactless and automatic. It does not require assistance and can be left running on its own. Saving you time and money. Your staff will no longer need to stand at the entrance monitoring people who enter. And if you have employed additional staff to do this – they will no longer be required.


How does the temperature testing process operate?


An elevated body temperature or high emittance of body heat can be a sign of an illness or infection. Our cameras are designed to recognise that a temperature of 37.8 and above is a fever and will notify via an audio and visual alarm is detected. A high-temperature alert will also be sent to the administrator and the results will be stored on an online portal. All that the visitor/customer or staff member will be required to do is walk up to our camera and our system does the rest.

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