Moving into 2021 – Is your workplace covid-safe/covid-secure?

temperature testing machine, temperature camera for high fever and normal body temperature

Moving into 2021 – Is your workplace covid-safe/covid-secure?

We find ourselves, yet again, at the end of another year. But 2020 has been extremely difficult for businesses and companies across the UK.

Most of the UK spent their Christmas in tier 4, and it is looking like most regions will enter the new year with the same or further restrictions.

Vaccination update

A second vaccine approval has been making the headlines this morning, 30/12. This is brilliant news – however, we mustn’t forget that the virus is still out there. New variants of the virus are causing a much faster spread with cases significantly rising. It is more important than ever for businesses, care homes and other companies to crack down on controlling the spread.

How can temperature detection help?

If you find yourself in an industry where your employees cannot work from home, we can help you. Our thermal cameras can help prevent the spread of COVID-19 in your workplace as they can detect early symptoms of the virus (a high temperature and fever). Our cameras will also ease the minds of people coming in and out of your workplace. Your staff and visitors will start to feel safe when coming into work, as they know safety precautions are in place for their wellbeing.

Our thermal cameras can be tailored to whatever industry you are in. We provide three beneficial cameras – our body temperature monitoring camera, wrist temperature camera and turnstile.

Our Cameras

Body temperature – our most popular option. Ideal for office buildings and other industries. A notification is sent to the administrator when a high temperature is detected.

Wrist – requires holding your wrist up to the camera. It sends a notification to the administrator when a high temperature is recorded. It can also detect if someone is wearing a mask.

Turnstile – are ideal for handling quantity. An elevated temperature will deny any individual access.

Face covering detection and additional features

Not only do we have a variety of cameras to choose from, but our cameras can include additional features – door access cameras, mask detection, and visitor and attendant records.

With cases rising in recent news, now is as an important time as ever to install a thermal temperature monitoring camera in your workplace.

As the saying goes, new year, new you. Maybe your company’s new year resolution can be to make your workplace a safer place.