How Can Hotels Become More Safe?

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How Can Hotels Become More Safe?

June 21st. The date we are all waiting for, to restore some kind of normality to our lives. Since announced, people around the UK have been as excited as ever to pack their suitcases, go down to the coast and have a lovely relaxing holiday. With a silver lining in plain sight, hotels will be able to make up for the time they lost and kick-start business once again. But, what is to say that everyone will feel comfortable with going away? Installing one of our automatic, digital temperature checkers in the meantime can help you encourage customers and get business back-on-track track sooner.

The risks that comes with staying at a hotel

Staying away at a hotel is riskier than going for a meal at a restaurant. It’s only natural for people to feel uneasy and unsure about booking holidays in this current climate. The government has always recommended for people to travel less as it increases the chances of getting and spreading COVID-19. Throughout the course of the pandemic, tourism has been prevented for long intervals at a time and this has impacted the hotel industry severely. Thus, it remains as important as ever for hotels to get back on the business ladder.

A temperature monitoring solution for your guests

By putting a temperature monitoring kiosk in place, your guests’ temperatures can be regulated so that anyone with a fever can be identified and instructed to leave. This protects your hotel from an outbreak as well as reassures visitors. Our devices show your contribution to the safety of your guests.

Benefits for you

By automating temperature checking processes, our devices can save you a job and money. They operate on their own and do not require assistance. Meaning you will not need someone to delegate at your entrance to monitor who is coming in. This is better for health and safety as sometimes the close contact between the individual being scanned and the person doing the scanning is inevitable.

Furthermore, our camera’s mask detection features can ensure that guests wear a mask before entering, and within your reception area.

A temperature checker which is fast, efficient & innovative might just be the answer your hotel needs for re-opening.

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