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How Thermal Cameras can help stop the spread of COVID-19

Over the last few months, all of our lives have been affected by COVID-19. This is why here at Thermal Camera Solutions we have been researching how we can positively affect the damage that COVID-19 has done to our business and daily lives.

Governments have been focusing on ways to reduce the ‘R’ number, the estimated number of people an infection is spread to. The best way to keep this number low is to limit the amount of contact between people to limit the chance the virus has of spreading and therefore the reproduction rate.

The fight against COVID-19 is being led by detecting symptoms early and then isolating at home for 2 weeks to limit contact with others whilst these symptoms persist. At least until there is a vaccine produced.

In order to best detect any potential symptoms of COVID-19, Thermal Cameras are one of the leading ways to do this. One of the main symptoms of COVID-19 is a high temperature and the use of Thermal Cameras will allow businesses to check every entrant to the building to see if their temperature falls within healthy boundaries.

People identified as having an elevated temperature outside of the established healthy boundaries will be denied entrance to the facility. Thermal Body Cameras are not medical solutions, they cannot identify the virus but they can prevent those entering who may be displaying a high temperature, one of the key indicators that someone may have the virus. The aim of the cameras is to stimulate positive behavior encouraging or requiring staff to stay at home should they feel unwell.  Our cameras can measure temperature to an accuracy of 0.3 degrees celsius and help reduce the risk of infection spreading throughout your workplace.

With cases rising across the UK, Thermal Body Cameras are a sensible precaution to ensure that the damage done to your business is as minimal as possible.

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