When will gyms re-open and how can our cameras help?

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When will gyms re-open and how can our cameras help?

When will gyms re-open and how can our cameras help?

Ever since the pandemic has begun, the government have encouraged exercise to help with people’s mental health. Whether it be running, or doing your home workouts, exercise is known to reduce and help with anxiety, depression, ADHD, and other mental health conditions. Exercise also helps people feel much better overall, including an increased positive mindset and better sleep at night. Read more here.

But not everyone has the space to work out at home and a lot of people prefer to exercise in an environment with other people. So, this begs the question, when will the government re-open gyms again? No date has been announced yet, but the prime minister will be giving an announcement and setting out a clearer picture on the 22nd of February.

If gyms do re-open, are they safe enough?

Social distancing and regular sanitisation is in place in most gyms across the UK from them being open during Summer 2020, but what about temperature testing? Making gyms as safe as possible will encourage people to come back when they do re-open.

Since the pandemic has begun, temperature testing has evolved. It has become as important as ever to detect if someone has an elevated temperature. Temperature testing cameras and thermal technology can pick up what the naked eye cannot. Having advanced technology that can pick up one of the main symptoms of COVID-19 can help limit the chances of an outbreak and reassure your guests/visitors/staff.

What is a normal body temperature?

A body temperature of 37.8°C or above is classed as a fever. A fever can be caused by an illness/infection/virus.

Our cameras will recognize this. They are fast, efficient, and easy-to-use. Installing one could be the answer you need to make your workplace/gym safe once again.

What products do we offer?

We have 3 types of temperature testing cameras to fit your industry’s needs and each has its benefits.

Our turnstile cameras are ideal for football stadiums/grounds, academy teams, theatres, large gyms, outdoor cinemas, shopping malls etc. They can handle quantity quickly and effectively. They have additional features, door access and mask detection. This makes the cameras ideal for easing pressure off security, and enforcing regulations

Our body temperature and wrist cameras are ideal for a range of workplace settings. They are both equally as fast and efficient – we recommend them for gyms too. When our cameras detect a high temperature/fever they will signal an audio and visual alarm. A notification will appear, instructing the individual to leave and self-isolate. All of our cameras come with mask detection and door access features, helping you better manage the influx of visitors.

Keeping you and your workplace safe is our priority, that is why we work with several partners to ensure we can reach as many workplaces and companies as possible. One of our partners PPE Medicare shares these goals with us and specialises in PPE equipment and consultancy services. Their aim is to provide a comprehensive review of your workplace with a detailed site survey and recommendations of a complete protective solution for your environment.

We can help…

So, if you think your gym can work on its health and safety/covid strategy, then feel free to get in touch. We’re more than happy to discuss your requirements and go through our different camera options. If you are a regular gym member/PT why not reach out to your gym via e-mail and mention us, our Instagram handle: @solutions.co.uk