How to manage COVID-19 in a workplace

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How to manage COVID-19 in a workplace

Getting back to work and keeping our workplaces covid-safe, it is something we should all be thinking about.

A useful COVID-19 guide is what a lot of companies could use, to maintain a certain level of safety at the workplace.

What to remember when going back to work

The basics: Cover your cough, keep your distance and wearing a mask can be forgotten. It is important that if you are still going into work during tier 4 to remember these key factors. Other protective methods, such as temperature testing, can also be put in place to limit the chances of a COVID-19 exposure. This is something which we can help with.

How temperature checking can help

Our thermal cameras can help you reduce the chances of an outbreak and control the infection rate. Not only that our mask detection/door access/facial recognition features can increase the security put in place for your building.

Plan ahead

If you are a restaurant owner, perhaps the easing of restrictions in hopefully the next few months is something you need to think about NOW. Would visitors feel safe coming into your restaurant? Do you have all the necessary safety precautions in place? Not only can our cameras protect your staff and visitors, but they can ease their worry, making them feel more at ease entering your premises.

If you work within a care home or hospital, shouldn’t you be putting the relevant steps in place to protect the vulnerable?

And if you are planning to reopen your hair salon/nail salon after tier 4, do you realise the risk of catching COVID-19 in more confined spaces is higher, could you do more to protect your customers?

We recommend taking a read of our COVID-19 guide, it is our goal at the end of the day to keep you, your staff/your patients/your coaches/your visitors as safe as possible.

A COVID-19 Guide For The Workplace

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