Calling all keyworkers and businesses across the UK

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Calling all keyworkers and businesses across the UK

“UK reports record 1,564 daily deaths due to COVID-19” – a shocking headline that hit our screens 13th January 2021.

Due to the recent rise in infection, businesses across the UK are facing another big challenge. Some companies have no choice but to furlough their staff yet again. And others are having to send their employees to work from home. We understand that not all industries can work from home though and need their staff to come in. These industries may include construction, education, care, finance etc. For those key workers out there, we want to help you.

You are at risk now more than ever. Due to the faster spread of the new COVID-19 variant and rising case numbers.

Installing a temperature monitoring camera at your workplace may just be the solution you need to keep your staff safe and make your workplace more COVID-SECURE.

Not only do our cameras give you quick, speedy results within seconds – they have other useful features. One of these is a door access feature. This means that if anyone records a high temperature, they will not be able to get inside your building as our system will refuse them access – this is ideal for care homes, office buildings.

Another feature, our mask detection, will be able to tell if any visitors or staff are entering without a mask. Our system will be able to pick this up and notify the individual to put their mask on.

If you are found not wearing a mask, supermarket chains such as Morrisons have now announced you will be banned from entering. We stand by our supermarkets and want to ensure that everyone puts all the relevant precautions into place to stop the spread.

Even if you are not a keyworker, perhaps thinking ahead for when you do go back to work is a wise thing to do. Managing the spread of the virus and keeping those who have it isolated is crucial. If you are able to spot those warning signs early, you could just save someone’s life.


Think. Act. Stop the spread.