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Calling All Facilities Managers

The pandemic has shut down many businesses. Many companies all over the UK are searching for ways to reopen their businesses. Employers are wanting and needing to make the business as safe as possible. Body Temperature monitoring solutions provide one line of defence by scanning the people as they enter the area.

Our Body Thermal Camera System provides audio and visual notification of elevated temperature, and alerts the supervisor via an app on a mobile phone. The terminal can be controlled remotely and does not require to be manned. This Body Temperature Monitoring Device also automatically detects if a face mask is being worn via face recognition technology
More good news is that the Body Thermal Camera System can be easily integrated with your access control or door entry control system.

To enquire about pricing or to book a demo and free trial of The Body Thermal Camera please call me Simon Pritchard on 01483866066 or email simon.pritchard@solutions.co.uk