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An Early Warning System

Our thermal cameras are an early warning system. There is no silver bullet to stop infection rates but you can help reduce the spread through various methods. You are not only trying to prevent people who are infected from entering the building, but also attempting to detect and trace employees or visitors that are showing signs of infection. The thermal camera is a brilliant piece of technology that supports this process.

Someone who is asymptomatic may have a high temperature. The thermal camera will detect this. If an asymptomatic person is identified with a high temperature this supports track, trace and testing of all the employees and visitors at that facility. If one person has been detected then you have a potential wider problem in the workplace. As the employer or business owner it’s important for you to be able to contain this as quickly as possible to stop a full shut down of operations.

In short to add our thermal or temperature reading device to your safety and prevention measures is to increase your ability to detect, track and trace.